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Designed by Chief Dennis Westbrook, Capt. Mike Willumitis (who wrote the specs) and the Firefighters of the Diamondhead Fire Department, Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Custom built by Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Holden Louisiana

Ferrara 1750 GPM - 75 ft. Quint  delivered 04/18/98 to Diamondhead Fire Department

Spartan “Gladiator” 4 door air conditioned chassis, Cummins M11, 400 HP diesel, Allison “World”
automatic transmission, Waterous 1750 GPM two-stage pump, 75 ft. steel aerial ladder, Ferrara
extruded aluminum body.


Custom-built extruded aluminum body
Roll-up doors on all compartments
Lift-up door on upper left contains storage for 9 SCBA bottles in tube racks
Adjustable, pull-out shelves in all compartments
Ladder storage in ladder torque tube at rear with .....
35’ and 24’ extension, 2- 16’ roof, 1-14’ roof, 10’ folding ladders

AMPS 6 Kw PTO generator, powered from the transmission power take-off, needs no fuel, exhaust.
650 quartz lights at each side of body, 2- 500W quartz portable lights, electric re-wind reel in each
rear compartment with 250 ft. of 12-3 wire, 110v receptacle at each side.

1750 Waterous two-stage pump, Class One Pressure Governor instead of relief valve, Class One
“Value System” combination Pressure - Flow meter gauges on all discharges, 3 1/2” x 5” Storz LDH
discharge on right side.  The gauge and discharge valve that serves each crosslay are located directly
under each crosslay compartment.  Front bumper extension contains a 2 1/2”  discharge, 6” front
suction and booster reel.  An auxillary booster tank gauge is installed in the cab

Ladder is a 75’ steel unit, pinable waterway, Akron ladder pipe with Task-Force tips 1000 GPM
automatic nozzle, breathing air piped to the tip.  Ladder has “creeper” controls at the tip to allow the
firefighter at the tip to have control of the ladder functions.  “Creeper controls operate at 20% of the
turntable controls.  Ladder also has a radio operated, hand-held remote control unit allowing full
control of ladder and master stream functions up to 300 yards from the vehicle.

Ladder is rated for 500 pound live tip load, while flowing 1000 GPM, at 90 degrees to the side of the ladder, at any elevation or extention.


Control Panel