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The enhanced 911 system
combines the dispatch centers of the Fire Department, Police Department  and Emergency Medical Services into a single communications center

As a result the town has implemented an easy-to-use and easy-to-remember phone number to be used in the event of emergency where Fire, Ambulance or Police is needed. That phone number is 911.

The old emergency phone numbers are still active and will remain in service however, YOU ARE URGED TO USE 911 FOR ALL EMERGENCIES!.....................because through an enhanced computer system  911 provides the dispatchers with a significant amount of information when you call such as: your name, the address you're calling from, and the phone number

This doesn't mean that you won't need to provide your address or phone number. But
it will allow the information to be confirmed or, in case you cannot communicate, provide the necessary information so that help can be sent.

Change your Pre-Programmed Phones today!  Telephones at your home that can be
pre-programmed for emergency phone numbers should all be changed to 911. Telephones programmed with the old numbers will not provide locator information. We suggest you change your pre-programmed phones today!
You can use any pay phone to report an emergency, even without using a coin. So long as the pay phone has a dial tone when you pick up the receiver, you can dial 911 without inserting a coin.
What do you say when you call  911?  ..........  Here are a few tips to remember :
  Remain calm and speak clearly.
                      State if you need  Fire, Police, or Emergency Medical Assistance.

Provide your exact address and phone number, so that we can call you back if needed. State the nature of your emergency.

Don't hesitate to call 911 for a  medical emergency, even if you think it is minor: let the trained Fire Fighters / EMT's determine whether you  need to go to the hospital.

Describe the problem and answer any questions the dispatcher may ask of  you.

Hang-up only after the Dispatcher does.